Ma-He-Tu Living

Living as a Unit

Our 9 cabins and 8 tents make up 10 "units" spread across 3 areas of camp! Campers love finding out what unit they will be in year after year as many units have special traditions that girls look forward to participating in.

We live in our units as camp families where we work and play together! Every cabin and tent has to be cleaned each morning after breakfast and they are inspected every day by the nurse. Those with the highest scores are rewarded daily and at the end of the session!

Units rotate through their daily schedule together, spend Rest House relaxing together, and rewind at the end of the day together during Our Time. Some of the best camp friendships are made with your cabin and tent-mates!

While Units do spend a lot of time together, there are just as many opportunities throughout each day and session to meet other campers - like during meals, swim class, evening programs, choice activities, free periods, and more.


Living Assignments

Girls are placed in units in age order and reviewed for compatibility and mix of new and returning campers. If your camper is not living in a tent or cabin with a particular friend, our centralized program will still allow them plenty of time to be together during choice activities, free time, meals, and evening programs.

Cabin placement is just one part of your camper's experience, and meeting new friends is part of what makes camp great! While we allow bunk requests, we strongly encourage campers to arrive ready to make new friends!

Please read our
Bunk Request Policy
for more detailed information.

Cabins and Tents