Board of Directors

Camp Ma-He-Tu is organized by a volunteer board of directors.

The Board is responsible for the long-term fiscal health of the organization, for its strategic planning and policies, and for ensuring that its legacy is strong and vibrant.

We are fortunate to benefit from this Board’s deep expertise in many fields and passionate commitment to the mission, values, and community of this camp. Members include alumni and parents—a mix of business and community leaders—each one integral to, invested in, and actively involved with the success of Ma-He-Tu. We are grateful that they are all so generous with their time, insight, and support.

Executive Committee

Ellen Karl
Janet Igoe Paddack
1st Vice President
Madeline Sharrock
2nd Vice President
Marion Schumacher

Kristin Stoeber
Caitlin Ialenti
Recording Secretary
Kathy Carpenter
Corresponding Secretary
Diane Ialenti
Executive At-Large

Board Members

  • Sarah Cipolli
  • Danielle Cuce Hillman
  • Chris Ialenti
  • Devon Ialenti
  • Pam Ialenti
  • Shannon Irish
  • Katrina Kornbrekke
  • Salima Millott
  • Michelle Reynolds
  • Jennifer Tietjen Ruffner
  • Jennifer Russo
  • Heather Haslinger Schubert
  • Laura Shakespeare
  • Kat Dillon Smith
  • Kendra Stepp-Davis
  • Rhiana Swartz
  • Helene Welsing
  • Kristin Werner-Romell
  • Andria Wetsell

Advisory Members

  • Donna Aramini
  • Kathy Baumann
  • Donna Ferrara Gregory
  • Katie Forbes
  • Terry Karl
  • Carole Meehan
  • Jack Meehan
  • Wendy Mele
  • Martin Richards
  • Jonathan Russell
  • Carli Salvati
  • Rev. Frederick Schumacher
  • Peter Sharrock
  • Liz Skovera
  • Theresa Skovera
  • Akasha Solis
  • Jennie Sprung
  • Makayla Stepp-Davis
  • Liz Walker
  • Rev. Kim Wilson

Employee Members

    Alyssa Fine
    Camp Director

Honorary Life Members

  • Betty Shogren Peterman
  • Jean Swedberg