A Day in The Life

Unplugging from technology and connecting with nature are vital in today’s world. A few weeks away from screens is a mental and emotional gift. Here, young people rediscover the beauty of direct connection with each other and nature, fostered in dozens of physical and/or creative activities and electives.

Describing a single day in the life of a camper is tough because there is no typical day! A new schedule is written every day to suit the needs of the campers.Most days, campers have a full schedule of activities, punctuated by leisure time after lunch, and a free period where campers individually choose an activity from a list of electives that are available that day.

Since schedules are written daily, campers have an opportunity to make suggestions for their next day’s schedule. If, for instance, an age group is in the midst of a fun basketball game, they may ask to play again the following day.

Evening hours are adjusted for age. Younger campers may end their evening program early and get their lights out sooner, while older campers may extend their evening program, have a longer Our Time, and have a later "lights out."

*Why are our free times referred to as "hills"? Truly, no one knows.

icon bell 7:40 Wake up
icon plate and fork 8:15 Flag Raising + Breakfast
icon open tent 9:25-9:45 Chores + Clean-Up
icon zipline 9:55-10:30 1st Period
icon canoe 10:40-11:15 2nd Period
icon tennis 11:25-12:00 3rd Period
icon time break 12:00-12:30 Morning Hill
icon plate and fork 12:30-1:45 Lunch
icon tent 1:45-2:45 Rest Hour
icon archery 2:55-3:40 4th Period
icon swim 3:40-4:15 5th Period
icon sun 4:25-5:00 Choice Period
icon camp 5:00-6:00 Free Time
icon dinner 6:00-7:15 Dinner
icon break 7:15-8:00 Evening Hill
icon campfire 8:00-9:30 Evening Program
icon tent 9:30 -10:00 Our Time
icon bed time 10:00 Lights Out