Food + Nutrition

Family Style

Our campers eat family-style with 5 other campers and 2 staff members. For the first week of camp, seats are assigned so you get to know other campers and counselors outside of your living unit. It’s a fun surprise to find out who is at your table and a joy to watch new friendships form over the dinner table. In keeping with the family-style tradition, each camper also has a role during the meal - to set the table (setters), bring food to the table (poppers), or clear the table at the end of the meal (clearers).

Allergies and Special Diets

We are an allergy aware camp. We are not completely nut free, but are still able to accommodate most food allergies including celiac disease, lactose intolerance, and others. We are also able to accommodate most diets including vegetarian and vegan. Please include this information on your health form.

We strive to give every girl a wonderful camp experience and do not want food concerns to be a source of stress. Our staff can help ensure that each camper eats an appropriate and filling meal, however, campers with serious eating challenges, eating disorders, or severe allergies may not be a great fit for our camp. We are simply too active throughout the day for a child who is not eating well to remain healthy. If you have concerns about your camper’s diet, eating habits, or allergies, please give us a call. We want our campers well fed but where food is not the focus for the camper so she can relax, have fun, and make life-long memories!

On The Menu

Our goal is to provide nutritious and well balanced meals that kids will enjoy eating. We realize that not every girl is going to like every meal; that’s why we make sure that we always have multiple options available.