Required Forms

In addition to the information collected at registration, we require several supplemental forms to ensure we are prepared to give your camper the best summer ever!

Forms are REQUIRED to be submitted 4 weeks prior to the session start date.

Someone from our health team will review your forms for completion and let you know if we have any questions or clarifications.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@mahetu.org

How to Submit Forms

Electronic Forms:
Most forms can be completed online through our registration portal, UltraCamp. Login to your account and select the camper whose forms you want to complete. Select Forms to see a list of Forms required for this registration and camper. Once complete, you will digitally sign the form. If you need more time to complete a form, you can indicate that the form is not complete and it will save your progress so you can return later. Forms must be in a complete status one month prior to the session start.

Paper Forms:
We have one very important paper form - the Health Recommendations (MD) form. This needs to be printed out, filled out by your camper's doctor, and returned to your UltraCamp account.

NEW THIS YEAR - your doctor's office can fax back the form! Be sure to download the form from each camper's account in UltraCamp. This will attach a camper-specific cover page and barcode to the form. When the doctor's office has finished the form, they can fax the packet to the number provided and the form will magically appear in your camper's account! Remember to use the cover page and include all attachments (immunization record, asthma action plan, allergry emergency action plan, etc) in the same fax transaction.

You can also upload the forms directly to your camper's account if that is easier for you/your doctor.

We need copies of your camper's insurance card (front and back), COVID-19 vaccine card (front and back), and immunization record (if your doctor's office didn't do this).

You can scan and upload these from your computer or from your phone. While logged in to your UltraCamp account on your phone, you can upload images directly from your Photo Album, Files, or use your camera to take a CLEAR and LEGIBLE picture of the documents in real time.

Supporting Documents

Updated versions of these forms will be made available in the spring. Previous versions are still helpful!