All About Forms

Forms are vital for our staff to best serve your camper. They provide our team with valuable information about your camper's health history, likes and dislikes, and care needs. They give your camper permission to participate in our program, and ensure that we are prepared for your camper before they arrive.

Forms are due 4 weeks prior to the session start date to give our team adequate time to read your responses, ensure everything is complete, and prepare to best support your camper.

If you have any questions or concerns, please email info@mahetu.org

Online Forms

These forms can be completed online through our registration portal, UltraCamp.

1. Login to your account and select the camper whose forms you want to complete.
2. Select Forms to see a list of Forms required for this registration and camper.
3. Digitally sign the form. If you need more time to complete a form, indicate that the form is not complete and it will save your progress so you can return later.
4. Forms must be in a complete status one month prior to the session start.

Physical Exam and Health Recommendations

The Health Recommendations (MD) form is a physician's release and also provides authorization for our nurse to administer medication to your camper. The form needs to be printed out, filled out by your camper's doctor (MD, DO, NP, PA), and returned to your UltraCamp account.

Campers must have a physical exam within 12 months of attending camp. Please keep in mind that most insurance companies only allow one physical per year and you may have to pay for a physical out of pocket to meet this deadline.

This is an American Camp Association approved health form and is required by the New York State Department of Health. Substitute forms (sports or school physicals) will NOT be accepted.

1. Download the form from the Document Center in UltraCamp
2. Bring the form to your doctor's office for a physical or forms appointment. Ensure all pages are complete and signed by the doctor.
3. Get a copy of your immunization list and any additional information we may need (like an asthma action plan).
4. Scan and upload or fax the documents back to your UltraCamp account.

To avoid mistakes (and revisions) - please watch our how-to video on how to complete the form with your doctor.

Scanned Documents

We need copies of the following:
1. Health Insurance Card (front and back)
2. Immunization Record (if you didn't submit with your doctor's form).

You can scan and upload these from your computer or from your phone.

While logged in to your UltraCamp account on your phone, you can upload from your Photo Album, Files, or use your camera to take a CLEAR and LEGIBLE picture of the documents in real time. Note: The platform only allows you to upload one file at a time. We recommend saving all images of a particular document type together as one PDF file (for example, save the front and back images of your insurance card as one file instead of two). If they are separate, you will need to upload multiple images to the same document type one by one.


ALL medicines, including over-the-counter (OTC) medications, vitamins, ointments, and supplements (like melatonin), MUST be dispensed by our nurse. The nurse dispenses daily medications (both prescriptions and OTC medications) at regular times throughout the day: during meals (8:30am, 12:30pm, 6:30pm) and before bedtime (9:30pm). Campers are not allowed to keep ANY medication in their cabin, with the exception of emergency inhalers and Epi-Pens (with physician approval).

Stocked Meds:
Our Infirmary stocks a full array of over-the-counter medications, and our nurse is ready to administer these when needed: antihistamines, pain relievers, antacids, topical itch relievers and antibiotic ointments, for example. Please do not send these to camp. Your doctor will need to approve or deny these medications (called Standing Orders) on Page 2 of the Health Recommendations form.

ALL other medication your camper needs must be prescribed by your camper's doctor on Page 3 of the Health Recommendations form. This includes prescriptions, vitamins, supplements, ointments, gummies, over-the-counter medication (like allergy medicine), inhalers, etc. When in doubt, have them include it here.

Bringing Meds to Camp:
Camper medication, both prescription and over-the-counter, must be delivered to the nurse in pharmacy labeled bottles and/or the original packaging or they will not be accepted. By law, we cannot administer medication from plastic bags or pill boxes. ALL medications in ORIGINAL bottles should be put in a ziplock bag with your camper’s name to turn into the camp nurse upon arrival at camp. All medications being dropped off must have a matching prescription from your doctor. NO medications are allowed in the cabins. Do not pack medications in your child’s luggage. Any medications (prescribed and over the counter), supplements, vitamins, and ointments found in the possession of a camper, will be confiscated.

Vitamins and Supplements
If your camper does not absolutely require daily vitamins, supplements, or any other over-the-counter remedy at home, please do not send such medications (especially gummies) to camp. Our meals are nutritious and tasty, and the food is plentiful! We do so much during the day that we don't need extra melatonin to sleep! If these daily OTC medications are absolutely necessary, they need to be prescribed by your doctor and dispsned by our nurse.
Medication Changes
We cannot administer medications that have not been approved by your physician. If your camper is prescribed a new medication after submitting your health form, you MUST alert the camp staff by emailing info@mahetu.org. Parent/Guardian’s inability to provide appropriate documentation by a Licensed Medical Professional may result in the delay of the medication administration, of which the camp nurse and staff will not be held accountable.

Incomplete or Missing Forms

If the camper does not have complete medical information, they will not be allowed to attend camp and will not be issued a refund.

Failure to submit COMPLETE forms by the due date will result in late fees being assessed to your account. Starting with the 7th day after forms are due, your account will be assessed $10 for every day that forms are outstanding.

"Complete" means:
1. All questions on all forms have been answered to the best of your knowledge,
2. Online forms through UltraCamp have been digitally signed by a parent/guardian,
3. All scanned documents are legible and accessible within UltraCamp, and
4. All 3 pages of the Health Recommendations Form are completed and signed by your camper's doctor.

- This fee is assessed PER camper.

- Campers will not be allowed to attend camp with an outstanding balance.

- Our goal is to collect your forms - not your late fee - so that the nurse has ample time to review the information provided so we can best support your camper. Fees collected in this process will be allocated to our Scholarship Fund.


Forms FAQs

When are forms due?

Forms are due 4 weeks prior to your session start date. For 2024 those dates are:
Session 1 - June 9th
Session 2 - June 23rd
Session 3 - July 7th

Online forms must be in a status of "Complete" and scanned documents must be uploaded to your UltraCamp account.

How do I send in paper forms?

All documents must be uploaded to your camper's UltraCamp account. You can get documents there 2 ways:
1. Scan the documents to your computer and upload them to your account
2. Login to your UltraCamp account on your phone and use your phone's camera to take a picture of the document.

For the Health Recommendations (MD Form) ONLY - you can fax this form using the the included cover sheet and barcode.

We CANNOT accept forms via email.
Can I send my forms via email?

No. Please upload all forms and documents directly to your camper's UltraCamp account. We cannot accept health information or keep track of forms that are sent via email.

My child had a physical earlier this year - do I need another one?

No. Campers are required to have a physical within 12 months of attending camp. However, you DO need to have your doctor fill out the Health Recommendations form with up to date information. Your doctor's office may do this without an appointment.

When will I hear from you about my forms?

If your forms are completed on time, and the nurse does not have any health concerns or questions, you may not hear from us. No news is good news! We will contact you if you are missing anything or if we have any questions.

What if I have more questions?

Email info@mahetu.org with any additional questions!


Supporting Documents

Updated versions of these forms will be made available in the spring. Previous versions are still helpful!