Health + Safety

Our Approach to Health and Safety

In order for camp to be an incredibly impactful experience, campers must be healthy, safe and happy. We make camp health and safety the top priority so everyone can enjoy the fun activities and events we have to offer.

We are an ACA-accredited camp. We have an extensive pre-season staff week, in which our counselors are trained in First Aid and CPR, and also receive thorough training on best practices for working with children. Our on-site camp nurse is available 24/7 to handle any injuries or illnesses.We strive to communicate and partner with you before camp begins so we can learn about your child and give her the summer of a lifetime!

Each camping unit has a walkie-talkie for immediate communication with our director. We have a physician available for office visits, and Good Samaritan Hospital is accessible in cases of emergency. An Automated External Defibrillator (AED) is kept on site.

Our Nurses

Camp Ma-He-Tu nurses are the best! Our friendly, on-site nurse is available 24/7 to our campers in the event of health issues or injuries. Our camp nurse provides care for a variety of minor issues over the summer, most often things like tummy aches and scrapes. While we won’t contact you over small bumps and bruises, our nurses will call you if your camper needs external medical attention or has a more serious injury.


In New York State, summer camps must have a state, city or county health department permit to operate legally. These permits are issued only if the camp is in compliance with the state's health regulations.

The camp must be inspected twice yearly by a health department representative. At least one inspection must be made during the time the camp is in operation. Each camp is checked to make sure that the physical facilities are safe and that supervision is adequate. The license to operate and inspection reports are filed at 520 Seven Lakes Drive, Bear Mountain, NY 10911.

Read more important information from the New York State Department of Health regarding camp selection and operating permits.


We are extremely proud of our continuous accreditation by the American Camp Association (ACA) since 1967. We want parents to feel confident in our ability to administer a camp program that focuses on safety, fun, and growth, so we use the best third-party verification available. We also want our staff to know that they are joining an organization that invests in doing things the right way. We wouldn’t be able to accomplish our mission at camp without knowing that we are following the best standards in the industry.

On our most recent inspection in 2022, we received a perfect score.

What it means to be ACA Accredited:

The American Camp Association is a community of camp professionals and is dedicated to enriching the lives of children and adults through the camp experience. ACA Accreditation identifies those programs which offer a solid foundation of health, safety, & program quality. Only one in four camps meet these high standards!

Founded in 1910, the American Camp Association (ACA) is the only not-for-profit educational body that accredits all types of camps throughout the United States. With members in all 50 states and several foreign countries, we demonstrate our commitment to health, safety, and program quality in camps.

ACA-accredited camps meet up to 300 standards for health, safety, and program quality. By choosing an ACA-accredited camp, you can be assured that many important questions have been asked and appropriately answered.

The ACA keeps very close tabs on its camps. We have visitors on a regular basis and go through an extremely in-depth evaluation every three years. There are very few aspects of our program that aren't addressed by the ACA Standards. This system of inspection and accreditation is of great value to parents in evaluating prospective camps for their children. It is your assurance that trained professionals are looking at the things that you can't see and asking the tough questions that you may not even think of. It tells you that the camp operators are being held accountable for their decisions and actions. It also provides the camp with invaluable guidance as we make sure that our camp meets and/or exceeds each and every standard prescribed by the ACA.


COVID-19 Response

We are planning for business as usual for the 2024 season. We will no longer require testing prior to arrival at camp. Our Covid Planning Task Force consists of our Director, Health Care committee, and medical professionals. The Covid Task Force will be keeping a close eye on current recommendations and are ready to take action, if needed. We'll be in close communication with our camp families if anything changes. We are looking forward to welcoming our campers for another fun and safe summer!

You can review our Communicable and Infectious Disease Plan at the link below.

Preparing For Camp

Prior to your child’s camp session, we ask you to fill out forms regarding her health history, current medications, immunization records, and a physician’s examination. We aim to ensure that our nurses and staff members are fully informed of and prepared for anything health-related that might occur while your child is at camp. In order to have the best summer at camp, we know that campers need to be healthy upon arrival. Someone from our Health Care Committee may call you before camp to review the information on your health forms.


Our camp nurse dispenses both prescription and over-the-counter medications from the infirmary several times daily. All medications brought to camp must be checked in when the camper is dropped off at the beginning of the session. Please make sure all medications are ordered by your camper’s doctor, documented on her health form, and in its original packaging.