Ma-He-Tu Leadership Is...

Home Grown

The majority of our counselors are former Ma-He-Tu campers who carry on our camp culture and traditions. In addition, every summer we host several international staffers, some whom return year after year.

Dedicated to the Campers

We realize the enormous trust that parents place in us by sending their daughters to Ma-He-Tu, and we take that trust very seriously. It is our privilege to keep our campers safe and to watch them grow.

All staff members are chosen for their enthusiasm, dedication, talent, and above all, their sense of responsibility. Our staff members are excellent students, possess high moral values and leadership capabilities. We select our staff through comprehensive interviews and extensive background and reference checks.

The staff is required to attend pre-season training to further develop leadership skills ensuring a cohesive and consistent environment where our campers feel cared for, accepted, and encouraged.

Our Director

Andria Wetsell is no stranger to Camp Ma-He-Tu. Andria began as an Inter 1 in 1981 and returned every summer until she was one of the oldest campers in Tent 15. She was a staff member, board member, and mom to a current staff member and camper. When she’s not taking care of Camp business, she is a New York City EMT and dispatcher. Her love for Ma-He-Tu, life experience, and her commitment to helping others outside of camp make for a perfect combination to be our Director.


Dear Camp Ma-He-Tu,

I joined the Camp Ma-He-Tu family in 1981.  Yes, the 20th Century.  I had been to other sleep away camps, but something did not click. Then my mom found Ma-He-Tu through our church.  I came that summer with my best friend, and the rest is history. I attended as a camper every year after that and then I was on staff for a couple of years.

Fast forward to 2014. I was the mother to an 11 year old girl, and she was excited to go to Ma- He-Tu. A 2nd generation at camp! She had been in camp a few years, and I was asked to be on the Board of Directors. I, of course, said yes! In 2017, my youngest daughter turned 7 in June and was at camp in July. So now I have 2 daughters at Camp Ma-He-Tu.

After leaving Ma-He-Tu as a counselor, I worked for NYC Emergency Medical Service as an EMT and a dispatcher. I then began teaching at the EMS Academy, in Queens, which afforded me the chance to be a Paramedic in Brooklyn. A few years later, I was promoted to Lieutenant, where I worked in the South Bronx. My experiences from that job, and the job of camper parent, are invaluable to me as Camp Director.

I am excited and honored to be the director of Camp Ma-He-Tu; it is my original happy place. I hope you join us this summer to try something new. Swim in the lake, learn new songs, climb a rock wall, zip line through the trees, make new friends.  Camp friends are unlike any other friends, because they "get" camp. Come spend the summer deep in the woods - I hope Camp Ma-He-Tu becomes your happy place too!

Andria Wetsell

Camp Director